Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To Make A Sugar Egg

Sugar Egg Tutorial

     I have been asked many times to share a tutorial on my Easter Sugar Eggs. This would be a fun project to make with a group of friends, or with older children. But even my four year old really enjoyed watching the process. Even though these are technically edible they make a much better decoration. If stored carefully in a dry area they can last for years. I love making them as gifts. What a great way to welcome spring and brighten someones day!

Step 1 - Gather Your Supplies

 You will need...

6 cups Sugar
5-6 teaspoons water
(yields 3-5 medium/large Eggs or 6-8 small)

Royal Icing (I use the Wilton Recipe)
Gel Icing Color(Food Coloring)
Royal Icing Flowers, and other candies as desired
Royal Icing or Plastic Miniature Ducks, Bunnies, Chicks
2 boards (1 large, 1 small)
Cake Decorating tips 352,233,5,and either 16 or 18

Plastic Egg Molds(you can buy one at a cake/candy supply store or simply find a good size Plastic Egg Container full of candy at the grocery store)Bonus!

Step 2 - Preparation

Preheat oven to 250*
1. If you desire the egg be colored, mix the color into your water first. Then pour the colored water into the sugar and knead till the consistency of wet sand, just till it can hold its shape.

2. Next pack it firmly into the mold slightly overflowing and scrape the top with a flat edge or spatula. 

3. Place on board flat side down and remove plastic mold. You will notice the bottom of my egg has a flat tapered edge. Luckily the mold I used already had this feature. If your egg does not, you will need to use your spatula or flat edge to taper off about 1/2 inch on the bottom of each one. You will also notice the egg on the left has a flat part on the top. Again, if your mold does not have this simply take your spatula and carefully slice off a small section of the top to create it. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess sugar around your eggs.

4. Keep wet sugar covered with a damp towel. Place small board on top of the half egg with the flat top. This will be your window. The board will keep this section of sugar soft so that it can easily be scraped out. Place the board directly into a 250* oven for 15 min. (Only 10-12 min. for small eggs). Use this time to color some of your royal icing green. Its almost time to decorate!

5. After removing from the oven, allow the egg to cool slightly. Then very gently scrape out the soft sugar inside with a metal spoon. It can be reused so just scrape it back into original bowl and cover. Leave about a 1/4 inch edge(should be crisp). Be  extra careful on the 'window' half.

Step 3 - Decorating Time!

1. Use tip #352 and pipe in some grass. Make sure to make grass all the way up to the front edge. Add some of your cute candies and miniatures. Create a background if desired. 

2. Decorate the front half next. Make sure to face everything towards your window. Let it dry for a few minutes until everything stays put.

3. Use tip #5 and pipe a line of Royal Icing all the way around your 1/4 inch edge to carefully glue the two halves together.

4. Use your tip #16 or #18 and create and edging around your window and one to cover the seam. Add some tip #233 leaves and stick on your flowers. Be Creative. Pipe on some cute vines or personalize with someones name. Sweet and Simple is always nice too. Viola! Gorgeous!

5. Take a peek inside. So much fun!



Next I'm going to show you how to make this smaller horizontal laying egg with the window done a little differently.

For this egg you will NOT need the smaller board. 
Yes, I know what this looks like. 
Sorry but this is how its done.
Taper off the edge where you will want the window to be. In order to keep the sugar soft scoot the two tapered ends together. Then Bake, Scrape, and Decorate. 



    To make the candy dish variation simply keep the two halves separated on the board and do NOT use the small board. That way it will crust all the way around the entire edge. I have also seen these done with the window on top. 




  1. These are so beautiful I love it. Thanks for shareing

  2. I made one of these during an after-school event in elementary school. It's been in my Mother's china cabinet for over 20 years and it still makes me happy when I see it on trips home.

  3. Beautiful! I had no idea how to make these

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